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Lanzarote through the most unique architecture

Lanzarote, a Unesco Biosphere Reserve island since 1993, has a special essence that goes beyond what you might expect from a typical sun and sand tourist destination. Here, orography, art, and culture are integrated to build its own particular and truly recognisable aesthetic. Throughout its territory we can find a large number of house-museums, monuments and art centres that will delight your senses.

In this post we make a cultural visit to Lanzarote through some places where nature and man have created a special conjunction, and where the characteristic white of the typical cone-shaped constructions, the green of the endemic nature and the volcanic black, are mixed in a combination worthy of admiration.

César Manrique House-Museum

César Manrique was one of the most important modern artists of the Canary Islands and undoubtedly the most influential of the island of Lanzarote. His mark is evident in the numerous constructions and works carried out by the artist on this island. An example of this is the house where he lived until the end of his life. The César Manrique House-Museum is a work of architecture that speaks for itself and shows the artist’s character and taste for integrating his creations with nature. Located in the north of the island in the middle of the palm grove of Haría, it is well worth a visit during your holidays.

Lagomar Museum (Omar Sharif House)

Another work of architecture in perfect harmony with nature is the Lagomar Museum or, as it is also known, Casa de Omar Sharif. Without a doubt, the hand of César Manrique is palpable. On this occasion, he worked together with Jesús Soto in the design of this marvellous construction. Today it is a private space that houses a restaurant, a cafeteria, and an art gallery. It is embedded in the remains of an old quarry in the village of Nazaret, in the centre of the island, and its setting is absolutely incredible.

Casa-Museo del Campesino (Peasant’s House-Museum)

This space, which consists of the House-Museum and a sculpture to fertility, recognises the unceasing work of the farmers of Lanzarote, who had to deal with the most difficult conditions to give life to such a complicated environment. This place is a work by César Manrique, and during your visit it is possible to take a tour of the most traditional way of life through agriculture, crafts and gastronomy. It is one of the Canarian artist’s most avant-garde works. It is located in San Bartolomé, in the geographical centre of Lanzarote.

Jameos del Agua

This is the first art and culture centre also created and designed by the multifaceted César Manrique, and is the unequivocal proof that the harmony between nature and art was to be one of the pillars of his architectural work. The Jameos del Agua is located inside a volcanic tunnel produced by different eruptions and is a very important natural space from an ecological point of view. Inside, we can contemplate a natural lake, an auditorium, and a bar-cafeteria in an absolutely magical space. A must-see, it is located in the municipality of Haría, in the north of the island.

Viewpoint of Haría

Also known as Mirador de Malpaso, this is another architectural masterpiece and a must-see on your trip to Lanzarote. Designed by the Lanzarote architect Miguel Ángel Fontes, it follows the line marked out in 1966 when the original project was started and ended in what we know today. A construction that, in the words of the creator himself, tries to “let the architecture go out in search of the landscape, integrating and blending into it”. The viewpoint is a marvel in every sense of the word and allows us to contemplate the palm grove of Haría and the Temisa Valley.

This tour of Lanzarote’s most unique architecture is an invitation to enjoy the journey in a different way, closer to nature, closer to art and closer to culture. We hope we have helped you decide on a different kind of getaway and bring you closer to the essence of the place through renowned artists and without giving up sun and beach tourism.

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