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The Maryvent Beach Apartment complex stands out especially for its privileged location in an unparalleled paradisiacal setting, and also for its architecture, which achieves a harmonious and well-balanced fusion with the endless beaches of white sand and crystalline waters of Costa Calma. In addition, just a short distance from our complex there is a commercial zone that offers interesting leisure options as a complement to your daily doses of sun and sea


The island of Fuerteventura, the longest and geologically oldest of the Canaries archipelago, enchants everyone who visits it with its natural beauties. Not for nothing was it declared a Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO, and the fact is that this island, in addition to being one of the finest destinations for sustainable tourism, has all the imaginable attributes for being the perfect setting for a holiday characterised by rest and contemplation.

As tranquillity and rest are always better when accompanied by good gastronomy, we recommend that you taste our exquisite majorero cheese, made with goat’s milk in the island itself and sold in all the markets that embellish the locality of Costa Calma, or the world-famous papas arrugás (“wrinkled potatoes”) accompanied by mojo picón sauce and also available in all the restaurants, bars and beach bars.


To broaden your horizons and enrich your stay with cultural content, close to our complex you can visit museums, exhibition halls and auditoria and even an open-air sculpture park, in addition to the various nature parks spread all around the island. If you visit us outside high season, we highly recommend the kite festival of La Oliva, held during the first week of November, or the various carnivals that take place between late February and early March in several of the island’s localities.


Fuerteventura is also an ideal spot for holiday time thanks to its climate, with minimal rainfall (only very light and a few times each year), with temperatures that are always mild and constant without brusque contrasts, and where the palm trees sway gently in the sea breeze that is so characteristic in the archipelago. In the words of the philosopher Unamuno:

«Climate [Greek klima] means slope, inclination, and the inclination is admirable here, in this fortunate island of Fuerteventura. What a school of quiet! What a sanatorium! What a fountain of calm! (…) Never in my life have I better digested my private concerns!»

It seems Fuerteventura leaves us no alternative but to surrender to its embrace. So we hope to welcome you soon to the beach of Costa Calma, in the certainty that here with us, at Maryvent Beach Apartment, you will be able to find that admirable inclination that Unamuno spoke of, that transcends climatic features and becomes a balsam for the soul.


Contact Data:

Dirección:    Calle Caleta Mansa, 35627, Costa Calma (Pájara, Las Palmas)

Teléfono:      (0034) 928 547 131.

Coordenadas: Latitud: 28.158366   Longitud: -14.22737

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