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Discover the ‘majorero’ cheese

The island of Fuerteventura is undoubtedly characterised by its paradisiacal beaches, but it is true that this place has much more to offer, such as its culture, its gastronomy, and its unique Majorero Cheese.

The island’s climate makes it the perfect place for the breeding of the Majorero goat, an indigenous species that produces Majorero cheese. The superior quality of its milk, which is dense and aromatic, contributes to the unique flavours of this creamy and smooth cheese, internationally recognised and awarded worldwide prizes at the World Championship Cheese.

With regard to the artisanal production of the cheese, production technologies are used to extract the milk and filter it, which can be either manual or mechanical. The curd is then curdled, and depending on whether a more tender or more mature cheese is sought, the curd is cut. It is then placed in moulds and salted. Depending on how mature the cheese is, it is left in a room for a period of time. Finally, depending on the area and the cheese, it is spread with paprika, olive oil, gofio, etc …

Majorero cheese is produced in 6 municipalities of Fuerteventura: Antigua, Betancuria, La Oliva, Puerto del Rosario, Pájara and Tuineje. There are several registered producers in different areas of the island where this cheese can be purchased, such as: Queso de Tetir (Tetir), Quesos Cañada de Agando (Gran Tarajal), Quesos El Convento (Betancturia), Quesos El Taro (Antigua), Quesos Rincón de las Hermosas (Pájara).

If you want to find out the secrets of how they are made, as well as tasting this delicacy, a visit not to be missed is the Museo del Queso Majorero. On this tour, you can visit the cheese museum, the mills and the garden, bringing you closer to the history of the island.

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