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3 natural swimming pools in Lanzarote where you should bathe

Lanzarote is one of the most impressive islands of the Canary Archipelago. Unlike others such as La Palma or Tenerife, the island of the “Hundred Volcanoes” stands out for its brown colour and appearance between desert and paradise. You will feel like you are in an oasis thanks to its completely virgin wild beaches where relaxing is effortless. Swimming in the coast will make you feel as if you were in a natural swimming pool in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, thanks to the calm and tranquility of the sea that also leaves pools and pools where disconnecting from reality has never been so easy.

R2 would like to recommend three natural pools that will make your trip to Lanzarote an unforgettable experience:

Punta Mujeres Natural Pool

In the municipality of Haría, you will find the small fishing village of Punta de Mujeres. Tranquility, beauty and peace prevail in this locality whose rocky coastline does not prevent its residents from enjoying a good swim.

Going down some of its stairs or some of its breakwaters you can enjoy this natural pool where the water comes directly from the sea. A perfect combination of sun, lava and ocean.

Caletón Blanco

Yes, it is a beach. But, at times, it gives the sensation that you are in a swimming pool because of the rocky areas that protrude halfway between the shore and the sea. Its name “Blanco” is due precisely to the colour of the sand on the beach which, together with the crystal clear water, forms a unique landscape never seen before.

Perfect for a tourist getaway where children and adults alike can enjoy a film-like setting that can be reached via Órzola, another charming town in the municipality of Haría.

Los Charcones

Considered by many to be one of Lanzarote’s best kept treasures, it is also hidden in one of the most secret corners of the island. Near the tourist area of Playa Blanca you can find this paradise.

A set of natural baths created by the erosion of strong sea waves on solidified volcanic lava. More or less deep, of different sizes, but all have one thing in common: their crystalline waters. The perfect place to recharge your batteries.

As they are rocky areas, we recommend that those who wish to visit these pools wear good footwear so as not to hurt themselves, as well as respecting the habitat by keeping it as clean as possible. Finally, enjoy and marvel at the paradises that the island of Lanzarote has to offer.

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