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Choosing the type of accommodation for the holidays can lead to disputes within the family. When the travellers’ preference is not an urban destination but a natural habitat such as that you can find in Costa Calma, where each and every one of the scenic elements compose a setting of breathtaking beauty, it is customary to want to live the experience of feeling a part of the surroundings instead of being a mere external observer. In general, what is most appropriate for this type of journey is the option of camping, which gives you the sensation that you can temporarily set aside the habits of modern-day life to become one with nature for a few days. But this is where problems arise: human beings are inherently ambitious, and sometimes we find it hard to give up certain things, especially at holiday time, when one of our main aims is to indulge ourselves as much as possible. Campsites – and we don’t normally dare to say this aloud, though we all know it – are uncomfortable: you have to set up the tent and the kids don’t do a thing to help, there aren’t enough tent pegs, the stones and rocks in the ground stick into your back when you’re trying to sleep, the people in the next tent are blasting out reggaeton music all day long, you have to get up early like a factory worker to find an unoccupied shower with hot water, then there are the mosquitoes, and the heat of the morning, and the stove takes two hours to boil the spaghetti, and then it rains and the tent leaks and you all have to sleep in the car … We suffer too many headaches the rest of the year to have to continue sacrificing ourselves on our holidays too.


At Maryvent Beach Apartment we can say with pride that we provide our guests with an experience that perfectly combines the authenticity of nature with the conveniences of modern life. Thanks to its dreamlike location, our complex lives in respectful harmony with the geographical wonders of Costa Calma, but this does not prevent us from offering the necessary attentions and services for a comfortable stay. Accordingly, all our apartments have a living room, double bedroom (a third bed can be added on prior request), a balcony or furnished terrace with views over the island or the sea (if it is with direct sea views, a small supplement is applied), a safe, a kitchenette, a bathroom with shower, a hairdryer and digital satellite TV.


In addition to all the facilities we offer, we would like to emphasise that our apartments have been designed and decorated with great care by professionals with exquisite taste and aesthetic sense, because we know that the soul of a home has a profound impact on that of its occupants, and we want our clients to experience through all the senses the beauty of the paradisiacal setting of the Costa Calma.



Free Wifi
Equiped kitchen
Restroom with shower
Safe ()
Sea view terrace
Satelite TV
Cleaning Services 3 times per week

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