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Family holidays: Lanzarote with children

If you are planning on spending some days of relaxation and adventure with your family, Lanzarote is the destination you are looking for. The contrast between the volcanic landscapes and the paradisiacal beaches will fascinate adults and children alike. Moving from one place to another is comfortable, so that you can enjoy your holidays without missing a single detail. Lanzarote’s mild climate all year round and the ease that permeates every corner of the island make it an ideal destination for families. We suggest some of the essential visits where the whole family will have a great time.

Timanfaya National Park

In this National Park, one of the most visited in Spain, we can admire the incredible volcanic landscape produced by the multiple eruptions that the area has suffered. We will arrive by car and tour the park in a bus organised by the park itself. The children will have a great time with the steam shows that emerge from the depths when water is introduced, confirming the temperature that still exists in the interior of the earth. A ride on the back of a camel will make the little ones very happy.

Theme Parks

The theme parks in Lanzarote are very varied. A Wild West theme water park, a cactus garden, and one of the largest aquariums in the Canary Islands are some of the ideal options for children. All of them adapted to family visits, where fun and excitement are guaranteed. Choose the one you like best according to your priorities, or why not all of them?

Jameos del Agua

This incredible geological wonder was transformed by the artist César Manrique. Created from the collapse of a volcanic tube where, thanks to marine filtrations, it has given rise to the formation of an interior lake. The little ones will have a great time admiring the reflections of such a peculiar place and, above all, looking for the jameitos, the species of blind and albino crab that lives inside.

Caletón Blanco

This bathing area is perfect and very safe for all members of the family. A natural protection against the waves has formed around it, thanks to the lava flows from past eruptions, making this beach a very peaceful place to enjoy a swim. It will be fun to explore the rocks and dive in the crystal clear waters to discover the marine fauna that is so typical of this area. The white sand contrasts with the volcanic landscape forming a pool that will delight everyone.

Excursion to La Graciosa

A ferry trip to La Graciosa will be an unforgettable holiday adventure for the little ones. You can buy tickets at the port of Órzola, from where numerous trips depart every day. Once there, the only thing left to do is to enjoy yourself. It is a quiet and welcoming place where the little ones can play on the streets free of asphalt or enjoy the sea on the shore of the beach of Caleta de Sebo. At lunchtime, it is possible to have lunch on one of the terraces and taste a freshly caught fish. The family can also take a pleasant bike ride around the island and enjoy a swim in the paradisiacal beaches of the rest of the island.

Interesting destination for travelling with children, isn’t it? We hope we have helped you to decide to travel with your family to Lanzarote. We are waiting for you!

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